Ana Liffey Drug Project is recruiting Live Helper Volunteers

February 25, 2014

Live Helper is a free, secure and confidential online support service provided by Ana Liffey as part of offering information on drug and alcohol issues. The purpose of the Live Helper Volunteer role is to respond to individuals who may be coping with a range of stressors relating to their own or a loved one’s drug or alcohol use. This role therefore requires a sensitive and informed response to support those contacting the service.

As part of its Poole Volunteer programme, Ana Liffey is now recruiting a team of volunteers in order to expand this service and offer it to those seeking information and support at weekends. Volunteers will be provided with comprehensive training and with ongoing supervision and support.

Training for these Live Helper Volunteer roles is due to begin in March 2014. A full role description is attached. More information on the Poole Volunteer programme is available here. Further information can be sought from Ana Liffey Volunteer Co-ordinator Peter McGeough at and applications can be sent to Peter.

Download Live Helper Volunteer Role Description.

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