Operational Policies

“…top down control of quality will not work. Instead there will have to be more open, transparent, peer review and rating. We will get used to rating one another and being rated by our peers.”

– Leadbetter C, (2008), We-Think, p236, Profile Books.

One of the key values and indicators that underpins all of the work of the ALDP is:

The ALDP aims to take a wider role in society:

  • We believe in partnership.
  • We aim to be open and accountable.
  • We strive to be a quality led organisation.
  • We have a local, national and international perspective.

With this in mind, we are currently reviewing and updating our Operational Policies and, as such, when an Operational Policy has been signed off the ALDP will make them available for download on this page. This is done in the interest of transparency, peer review and the sharing of good practise.