‘Low Threshold – Harm Reduction’ Philosophy

We refer the philosophy that underpins our services as ‘Low Threshold – Harm Reduction’ – what does this mean?

Simply put, when we say ‘Low Threshold’ we mean that there are few constraints imposed on the people using our services and a high degree of tolerance is exercised by the project. As a consequence we are able to work with those people often excluded from services due to their substance use, and associated needs and behaviour.

“I have learned things about drugs that I never knew before, and better ways of keeping myself safe.”

– Georgina, who regularly uses ALDP services.

There is much debate regarding what ‘Harm Reduction’ means in a drug use context. In the Ana Liffey Drug Project philosophy, Harm Reduction refers simply to any attempt to reduce the harm that drug use causes to the individual and the community. We make no judgement on the drug using activity of the people who use our services. All our Harm Reduction interventions are evidence-based responses to problem drug use.

Our Funders​

We receive funding from a number of state agencies, including:

    • Health Service Executive – CHO9 Social Inclusion – Addiction Service
    • North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force
    • NEIC Programme Implementation Board
    • Dublin City Council – Dublin Regional Homeless Executive
    • Dublin City Council – Social Inclusion
    • Department of Justice and Equality- Probation Service

  • Health Service Executive – CHO3 Social Inclusion – Addiction Service
  • Mid-West Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force

Our funders ensure that the Ana Liffey Drug Project is sufficiently resourced and able to provide the day-to-day services as outlined in the sub-pages above.