Drug-Related Intimidation

In September 2019, Ana Liffey Drug Project with support of the NEIC Project Implementation Board rolled out the Drug-Related Intimidation Initiative (DRII) to offer support to individuals and families living and working in Dublin’s North East Inner City (NEIC) region who are experiencing Drug-Related Intimidation.

In Dublin, the DRII offers a free and confidential support service to people who are living and working in the NEIC (all areas inside the red line on the map here).

What is Drug-Related Intimidation?

Drug-Related Intimidation (DRI) is a common and persistent issue which is damaging to individuals, families and entire communities. It can take many different forms, such as:

  • Direct violence or threats of violence to people who use drugs, or their families and loves ones, arising from non-payment of drug-debts
  • Demands to carry out illegal activities such as holding or moving drugs

The Drug-Related Intimidation Initiative

It can often be difficult for people affected by DRI to know what supports are available to them and how to access them. The DRII  is a free and confidential service than can help people understand what their options are. We can offer the following support to service users:

  • Supportive listening – we understand that DRI greatly affects the lives of those who experience it and that they know best what might be of help to them
  • Confidentiality – we do not need to record any personal details. We can speak on the phone or in a public place or in a community service where the individual feels comfortable
  • Flexibility – our hours are generally Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm but we can meet outside these times if necessary
  • Signposting – we can inform individuals and families of all the services that are available to them in the local area that might be able to help with their particular issue. We know exactly how these services operate and provide all the information needed to access them

The Drug-Related Intimidation Initiative came to its conclusion on 26th January 2021 with the launch of the report:

Debts, Threats, Distress and Hope: Towards Understanding Drug-Related Intimidation in Dublin’s North East Inner City,