Group Work

ALDP provides a range of group supports for service users. A variety of group supports are offered in different regions.

Treatment Options Group

The Treatment Options Group provides participants with an opportunity to look at their current drug use and possible options to either stabilize or reduce. The group has referral pathways to both the ALDP Stabilisation Programme and the Coolmine Stabilisation Programme. Additionally, if another programme is being sought by a participant staff can assist them in accessing these. Two open access groups are run in Dublin weekly at 48 Middle Abbey Street, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30pm. If you would like more information: contact Peter Bennewith or Rory More-O’Ferrall at 1800 78 68 28.

Stabilisation Group

The Ana Liffey Drug Project Stabilisation Group is a 16 week community-based program for people wishing to stabilise their drug or alcohol use. The group is based on low threshold, harm reduction principles and offers a safe and supportive environment to participants wishing to address problematic substance use. As a group and through one-to-one supports, participants will learn coping and problem solving skills. Communication skills, self-esteem, positive thinking, relapse prevention, triggers/cravings, and Goal setting are all discussed throughout the 16 weeks. The Stabilisation group runs in Dublin on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2pm – 4pm. One-to-ones are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays. For more information, please contact John Burke or Rachel Fayne at or or on 1800 78 68 28.

To self-refer, please attend the Treatment Options Group which runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30.

To refer a client, please download this application pack and return it via the instructions listed within.

Harm Reduction

The Harm Reduction group is based on a Peer Education model. In this group people are encouraged to share their knowledge of topics relevant to active drug users and to carry this knowledge to other drug users in the community. The sessions include group work and inputs from staff on issues such as overdose awareness, safer injecting, goal setting, mindfulness. and benzoiazipne use. The course recognises the reality of the lifestyles of people who actively use drugs. The structure has been designed to be very flexible – participants have input into the topics to be covered and the group is open access.


Regional Information

In Dublin, the Harm Reduction group runs Monday and Friday from 12:00 – 1:00pm. For more information about the Harm Reduction Information Group, please contact 1800786828.

Assessment Group for Residential Treatment

Ana Liffey offer a weekly information session which details all of the services provided by Coolmine Therapeutic Community. This information session is offered in Dublin on Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm. The group is open access (i.e. no appointment necessary) and any persons wanting help are welcome to bring along a support person for the first initial group meeting. For more information, please contact John O’Meara at


Pre-entry to the Helping Women Recover Group

In the Midwest, a Women’s only group meets every Monday from 3pm to 5pm and is co-facilitated by ALDP and Stephanie O’Donnell. This is a drop in group, any woman over the age of 18 and currently in addiction may attend. The group uses the seeking safety model and focuses on harm reduction. For more information, please contact Rachel at (085) 1559158.