Who We Need To Be… The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2024 to 2029

November 8, 2023

Ana Liffey Drug Project publishes their first strategic plan post COVID-19 pandemic…

Alongside their partner agencies, Ana Liffey had stepped-up to the challenge of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic; and as the dust settled on that time of national upheaval, it was clear that Ana Liffey had been changed by the experience.  It was in this context that Ana Liffey consulted with their stakeholders to help the organisation find a path for the future.

This morning in the GPO, Ana Liffey unveiled strategic goals that sets the organisation on a progressive trajectory to continue its legacy of empowerment of people who use drugs.

Ana Liffey’s new strategic goals ensure the organisation is even better able to play its part in reducing drug related harm and supporting people who use drugs towards their recovery. They will directly employ people with living and lived experience of addiction to bring their unique skill sets and insights onto Ana Liffey’s staff teams. They will strengthen and expand their low threshold, outreach-based nursing team to further reach and treat people who are homeless and who have unmet physical and mental health needs. They will work harder to build staff teams which are diverse and inclusive, reflecting the diversity of Irish society. This in turn will open Ana Liffey’s doors wider to people who are part of the LGBTQI+ community, to people of colour, to people in the Traveler Community and to people with disabilities.

Recently, the Citizens Assembly on Drugs Use published its recommendations proposing a progressive approach to many drug related harms facing Irish society. The recommendations are comprehensive and forward-looking; and, if accepted by government, the true test will be in their implementation. This will require political will, adequate funding, stakeholder engagement, and continuous evaluation and adaptation. Ana Liffey’s new strategic plan strengthens their ability to support the roll out of future national drug policy in Ireland.

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For decades, Ana Liffey Drug Project has committed itself to developing and delivering its services while influencing policy to drive positive change on the issue of drugs use. With a continued pledge to secure sustainable funding and ensure the capacity to realize Ana Liffey’s goals, this new strategic plan aims to truly transform and enhance the reach and efficacy of the organisation.

CEO of Ana Liffey, Tony Duffin, commented at the launch,

“Ana Liffey works in partnership with many agencies including the HSE, the Department of Health, the Gardai, the Probation Service, Department of Justice, local authorities and many more organisations besides. It is this partnership work that leads to meaningful outcomes for the people we work with.

Duffin continued,

Ana Liffey’s new strategic plan isn’t just a roadmap for the future; it’s a commitment to those we serve and those we collaborate with. We’re refining our identity, enhancing our systems, and putting our service users at the forefront of everything we do.”

Launching Ana Liffey’s Strategic Plan in the iconic and historically important GPO – Hildegarde Naughton TD, Minister of State with responsibility for Public Health, Well Being and the National Drugs Strategy said,

“For over forty years, Ana Liffey Drug Project has been working hard, responding to the burgeoning problem of drugs use.  The boundless energy of the team members, across the organisation, all focussed on helping the people they serve is inspiring.

Minister Naughton continued,

It is no surprise to me that the goals listed in Ana Liffey’s new strategic plan are looking inwards. It is good to see that these goals are designed to enable Ana Liffey to further support the people who use their services; and the professionals that the organisation works alongside.”


Download ‘Who We Need To Be… The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2024 to 2029’:

Who We Need To Be… The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2024 to 2029
Who We Need To Be… The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2024 to 2029

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