More people seeking advice and support online about drug use.

January 20, 2019

Tony Duffin, Chief Executive of Ana Liffey Drug Project, said it was essential to provide information online as that was often the first place people looked. Duffin said:

“People privately message us describing their own or their loved one’s serious drug problem, and this might be the first time they’ve reached out to anybody for help. This is important work, and these types of online services will only become more utilised by people who use drugs.”

Via The Sunday Times

Important work

Everyday at Ana Liffey Drug Project we engage with people who reach out to us for help; and we also proactively reach out to people to offer help. Engaging with people is important work…without contact there’s no connection; without connection there’s no relationship; and without relationship there is even less opportunity for positive change.

A big problem

Drug use in Ireland is a bigger problem than many people might perceive. One estimate of monetary value of drugs seized in Ireland in 2017 was €63,375,000. This is between 1% and 10% of illicit drugs that are in circulation, obviously a portion of these drug seizures wouldn’t be for the Irish market, but even a fraction of this is very worrying.

Current problematic drug use trends across Ireland include, but are not limited to…alcohol, street tablets, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin and cannabis use.

Health risks

The health risks, associated to drug use, are well documented.  Whether it’s non-problematic or problematic drug use it is all risky – to a greater or lesser degree. Depending on the drug, and the route of administration, people can be at risk of…blood borne viruses, vein damage, lung damage, organ damage, non-fatal overdose, fatal overdose, nerve damage, brain damage and more.

A health led response

There are serious health risks related to drug use and this requires a health led response. This is one of the reasons why Ana Liffey Drug Project advocates for the decriminalisation of people who use drugs.

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