International Overdose Awareness Day is Saturday August 31st

August 28, 2013

International Overdose Awareness Day hopes to diminish the shame and guilt associated with drug use. That includes all drugs, licit and illicit (and alcohol, too).

The International Overdose Awareness Day committee is made up of representatives drawn from key organisations whose work is related to dealing with drug harms in a variety of fashions. Its members represent community health and drug and alcohol treatment bodies, drug user groups, research institutes, government and emergency services.

Taking its themes as prevention and remembrance, its goals are:

  • To provide an opportunity for people to publicly mourn for loved ones, some for the first time, without feeling guilt or shame.
  • To include the greatest number of people in Overdose Awareness Day events, and encourage non-denominational involvement.
  • To give community members information about the issue of fatal and non fatal overdose.
  • To send a strong message to current and former drug users that they are valued.
  • To stimulate discussion about overdose prevention and drug policy.
  • To provide basic information on the range of support services that exists in the local community.
  • To prevent and reduce drug-related harm by supporting evidence-based policy and practice.
  • To remind all of the risks of overdose.

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