Ana Liffey 2022: A Year of Growth and Celebration

September 19, 2023

Dublin, September 18, 2023 – Ana Liffey Drug Project proudly announces the release of its 2022 Annual Report, highlighting a year of growth and celebration in both Dublin and the Midwest Region. Under the excellent stewardship of Eddie Matthews, Chair of Ana Liffey Board, and the dedication of its staff, board members, and volunteers, the organization has achieved new milestones in its mission to support individuals facing addiction and social exclusion.

In the words of Eddie Matthews,

“These are very exciting times for Ana Liffey; things are always changing and always moving forward.” With 2022 marked as another year of astounding growth, Ana Liffey nearly doubled its staff members in response to the increasing involvement in addressing a range of Inclusion Health issues. The organization has been diligently working with groups facing multiple overlapping risk factors for poor health, including poverty, violence, and complex trauma.

The heart of Ana Liffey’s success lies in its dedicated team members who passionately engage with communities, building trust and helping individuals on their journey to recovery. As Mr. Matthews emphasizes, “The journey through recovery might take days, months, or years, but through conversations and the building of trust, they carefully help bring clients from some of the lowest points in their lives to a more stable place where recovery becomes tangible.”

Ana Liffey Drug Project is also proud to acknowledge the increased collaboration with key partners such as the Health Service Executive, An Garda Síochána, Dublin Regional Homeless Executive, the Midwest Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum, the Probation Service, and others. The organization firmly believes in a united approach, emphasizing that none can do it alone, and the focus must always be on the client. Importantly, no moral judgments are made, and the team is dedicated to providing help whenever it is needed.

Chair Eddie Matthews, who has played an important role in the organization’s continued success, recognizes the importance of supporting team members in their often stressful roles while ensuring their well-being beyond work. This holistic approach is at the core of Ana Liffey’s values.

In closing, Eddie Matthews extends heartfelt gratitude, saying,

“I’d like to thank all the staff, colleague board members, and volunteers across the organization for their hard work and commitment throughout 2022.”

On a personal note, Eddie Matthews and his family were deeply honored by the naming of Ana Liffey’s Middle Abbey Street premises as The Matthews Building. Having been part of Ana Liffey’s remarkable journey for forty years in Dublin and ten years in the Midwest Region, Mr. Matthews considers it an immense privilege.

For more information about Ana Liffey Drug Project and to access the full 2022 Annual Report, please click here.

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