Ana Liffey Drug Project publishes its Strategic Goals for 2021 & 2022

July 6, 2021

Eddie Matthews Chair of the Board of Ana Liffey Drug Project said:

“The challenge when writing a strategic plan is explaining something quite complicated in simple concise terms. We wanted people to be able to read this quickly and say to themselves – I understand  who Ana Liffey are, what they do and what they are trying to achieve over the period of this strategic plan. Naturally, we consulted with our stakeholders with regard to the latter; and we hope you agree that we have kept this strategic plan simple and focused on what matters.  We will be focusing on maintaining and developing our front-line services – as always, we plan to do this in collaboration with the people who use our services, the State and our NGO partners. We will work hard to support the State to deliver on the commitments within the National Drug Strategy ‘Reducing Harm – Supporting Recovery’. Finally, we will celebrate Ana Liffey’s 40th anniversary year, 2022, with the aim of not only being the first ‘Low Threshold – Harm Reduction’ service in Ireland, but the best we can possibly be.”

Please take the time to read our eight organisational strategic goals for 2021 & 2022 here.


'Turning Words Into Actions - The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2021 & 2022'.
‘Turning Words Into Actions – The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2021 & 2022’.

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