Ana Liffey Drug Project: A Year in Review (2023)

December 29, 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, Ana Liffey Drug Project reflects on a year marked by significant developments and impactful initiatives. Join us as we journey through some milestones that have shaped our commitment to reducing harm and supporting individuals facing addiction and social exclusion.


Feb 8, 2023: Responding to the Challenges Of Crack Cocaine Use In Limerick City

In February, Ana Liffey Drug Project embarked on a innovative initiative with the support of €200,000 in funding from the HSE. The Law Engagement & Assisted Recovery (LEAR) project, dedicated to addressing the challenges of crack cocaine use in Limerick City, was established through collaborative efforts with An Garda Síochána and the HSE. This proactive outreach and co-case management approach, operational from April 2023, aims to engage with vulnerable people who use crack cocaine, providing support for harm reduction and facilitating access to drug treatment programs.


Feb 14, 2023: A Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use

A pivotal moment unfolded as the government announced the establishment of a Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use on February 14th. Comprising 99 members of the public and an independent Chair, this assembly was tasked with exploring legislative, policy, and operational changes to mitigate the harmful impacts of illicit drugs on individuals, families, and communities. Ana Liffey enthusiastically welcomed this decision, emphasizing the importance of incorporating the lived experiences of those affected by drug use.


Mar 3, 2023: Advocating for Decriminalization

March marked the release of a comprehensive report, “Working To Decriminalize People Who Use Drugs,” exploring progress in Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, and the US State of Maine. This report highlights the importance of a public health approach to drug use, emphasizing the need for clear terminology, collaboration, and practical benefits for all stakeholders.

Download ‘Working To Decriminalise People Who Use Drugs’


May 2, 2023: Marking 40 Years of Innovation

Ana Liffey published ‘We Are Innovative’ – Ana Liffey’s 40th Anniversary Conference Report.

In 2022, Ana Liffey Drug Project celebrated its 40th Anniversary with the ‘We Are Innovative’ conference in Dublin. The event reflected on four decades of progress, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to innovation and empowerment. A detailed conference report captures the essence of this milestone occasion, showcasing the dedication of Ana Liffey’s team and its partners.

Download ‘We Are Innovative’ – Ana Liffey’s 40th Anniversary Conference Report.


Jun 26, 2023: A Voice in the Citizens’ Assembly

In June, Ana Liffey actively participated in the Citizens’ Assembly on Drugs Use, submitting a video that eloquently presented the perspectives of individuals with living/lived experience. The video highlighted crucial issues, including dual diagnosis, housing challenges, and the need for alternative treatment options. AlsoCEO Tony Duffin addressed the assembly, sharing insights into low-threshold services for those with complex needs.

Watch Ana Liffey’s video submission to the Citizens Assembly on Drugs Use.

Watch the CEO of Ana Liffey presenting at the Citizens Assembly on Drugs Use.


Sep 19, 2023: Looking Back On 2022 – A Year of Growth and Celebration

In September, Ana Liffey proudly unveiled its 2022 Annual Report, underscoring a year of growth and celebration. With an expanded team and enhanced collaborations with key partners, the organization demonstrated its commitment to addressing inclusion health issues and supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.

Download Ana Liffey’s 2022 Annual Report 


Nov 8, 2023: Charting the Future with a New Strategic Plan

Ana Liffey Drug Project, alongside partner agencies, unveiled its strategic plan for 2024 to 2029. Shaped by lessons from responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the plan outlines progressive goals, including the direct employment of individuals with living/lived experience, expansion of outreach-based nursing, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. The plan aligns with the recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly, reinforcing Ana Liffey’s role in informing Ireland’s drug policy.

Download ‘Who We Need To Be… The Strategic Plan of Ana Liffey Drug Project 2024 to 2029’


Wishing Everyone a Very Happy and Safe 2024

As we conclude 2023, Ana Liffey Drug Project looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team, partners, and the communities we serve for their unwavering support.


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