30th April 1990: Report from a Public Discussion Forum on Drug Treatment Policies organised by Ana Liffey Drug Project in Trinity College

August 15, 2021

In April the Project organised a Public Discussion Forum on Drug Treatment Policies in Trinity College which was attended by over 150 persons from the social, medical and legal services. The guest speaker was Dr. Judy Greenwood, consultant psychiatrist at the Community Drug Problem Service, Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Green­wood’s contribution focused on the importance of harm minimisation techniques in responding to problem drug use and HIV in the community (her views had earlier that day been given a wider airing with an interview on the Pat Kenny Show). Two speakers responded to Dr. Greenwood- Shane Butler, Director of the Addiction Studies course in Trinity College, and Dr. Fergus O’Kelly, chairperson of the AIDS subcommittee of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Both speakers discussed Dr. Greenwood’s contribution in the context of what were very clear similarities between the drugs and HIV situation in Edinburgh and Dublin. The response of the audience at the meeting was very enthusiastic and encouraging and generally the view was that it was a very successful forum.

Excerpt from a Special Report– published in June 1990 by Ana Liffey Drug Project and covering the period June 1989 to May 1990.

In April 1990 the Project organised a seminar on Drug Treatment Policies in Trinity College…The three papers from this seminar were published in a pamphlet by the Project together with a submission which the Project made to the National Coordinating Committee on Drug Abuse on the need for changes in drugs policies. The Project’s main recommendation was that Community Drug Teams be set up to manage the treatment of the drug problem in those small number of communities in Dublin which have been most affected.”  Excerpt from a Preliminary Report published in June 1991 by Ana Liffey Drug Project on the work of the Project for the year 1990.

You can download ‘Drug Treatment Policies: A discussion pamphlet on Drug Treatment Policies and including papers presented at a seminar in Trinity College, on April 30, 1990.’  HERE

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