Peer Support Group

"We learn about the risks of mixing drugs, like mixing different tablets and what they do to the body. Also, how tablets and alcohol can damage your body" Paul, Graduate of the Peer Support Programme

The purpose of the peer support group is to enable active drug users to spread Harm Reduction messages throughout the drug using community. The programme is set out over an eight week period and involves two morning sessions a week - Tuesday and Friday. The sessions include group work, outside speakers and talks from staff members on key drug issues. The course recognises the reality of the lifestyles of people who actively use drugs. The structure has been designed to be very flexible - participants have input into the topics to be covered, and the group is open access. The peer group also play a valuable role in informing Ana Liffey's service delivery, through their 'Duck, Dive & Survive' resources. In 2009, peer group resources won a health literacy award. This was then used to establish Ana Liffey's SMS service. If you're interested in learning more about the peer, contact Ana Liffey on 1800786828.

Download the 'Get Wide - Peer Support Programme' leaflet