Drop-in Service

"There is no hassle - come in any day, just when you want."
Imelda, who regularly uses the services of the ALDP.

Our drop-in service is open to all, simply by walking through the door. Tea and coffee are available free of charge and our staff are available to chat. Additionally, drop-in can serve as an initial path into other services provided by Ana Liffey such as case management, family therapy, or stabilization groups among many other programmes. Staff members are available to work one-to-one carrying out solution focused brief interventions, as well as give referrals to partner agencies.

Regional Information:

In Dublin, the drop-in service is available Monday to Friday 9.45am to 12pm. For any additional information, call 1800 78 68 28.

In the Midlands, drop-in service is provided Monday to Friday from 10am -1pm and 2pm -5pm daily. Also, the drop in will close every Thursday afternoon to allow for regular case meetings, team meetings and outreach. For additional information, call 01 960 3005.

In the Midwest, drop-in service runs on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 5pm. For additional information, please call 01 960 3008.