Assertive Outreach

Our assertive outreach engages with people who do not already know about us or who may not wish to access centre-based services. In many ways outreach is an extension of our open access work - we can provide friendly, non-judgmental advice and support on the streets, in cafes, community centres, service users’ homes, or wherever else suits the service user. Services provided include Needle and Syringe Programme, advocacy, phone calls, referrals and brief interventions.

Regional Information:

In Dublin, outreach is carried out in the city centre on a weekly basis. For more information, call 1800 78 68 28.

In the Midlands,  Outreach is carried out in Laois Monday and Tuesday, Offaly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Longford / Westmeath Thursday and Friday.  .Please contact Caroline at (085)7519858 for Offaly, Martin at (085) 7892293 for Laois, Mick / Yvonne at 0852746598 for Longford / Westmeath for more information. 

In the Midwest, Outreach is carried out throughout Limerick City, Limerick County, North Tipperary and County Clare. For more information regarding Outreach in North Tipperary, County Limerick, and County Clare, contact Shane at (085)7537073. For more information about Outreach in Limerick City, contact Aoife at (085) 8357546 or Declan at (085)1559598.

Hostel In-Reach
In addition to Assertive Outreach, the Ana Liffey Midwest also offers Hostel In-Reach. Staff members conduct hostel in-reach at:

  • Brother Russell Hostel in Limerick on Alfonsa Street on Friday afternoons
  • St. Patrick’s Hostel in Limerick on Claire Street onThursday mornings
  • Thomond House in Limerick on Thomond Gate on Friday morning

If anyone needs to meet at a different hostel or at a different time, arrangements can be made. For more information regarding hostel in-reach, please contact Leanne at 085 143 6981.