Legal Highs

At Ana Liffey we have found that the most useful way of imparting information around harm reduction is for staff to be well briefed from relevant resources, to learn from the target group and then to be able to facilitate discussions with services users or provide relevant information in one-to-one settings.

To assist with this approach at the community level we have gathered a cross section of what we consider the most useful resources on legal highs, and hope they are of use to you.

Legal highs are substances that mimic the effects of illegal drugs, but are not currently controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act. While there has been a large increase in access to legal highs through head shops, most purchasing of legal highs is via the internet. Legal highs go by a number of names and forms. Some of the most common include synthetic cannabinoids or ‘spice’ products, BZP ‘liquid ecstasy’, mephedrone, methylone, methadrone and related cathinones, ‘snow’, ‘magic’, kettamine, GBL and 1,4BD. See below for more information on these substances and on how to reduce the harm related to their use.