28 Jun 2018

Drug laws should change

Lobbyists for the decriminalisation of drugs brought their fight to Leeside this week where a public meeting heard why possessing drugs for personal use should not be a criminal offence.

The town hall meeting held in St Peter’s on North Main Street on Tuesday heard how a public health approach needs to be implemented and why Ireland should follow in the footsteps of Portugal and decriminalise drugs.

This would mean that people caught by An Garda Síochána in possession of drugs wouldn’t appear before the courts but instead would be interviewed by a panel to see if they need addiction treatment.

This has been the case in Portugal since July 2001.

The event was organised by the Ana Liffey Drug Project (ALDP) along with the London School of Economics and Hot Press. It coincides with an ongoing consultation from the Department of Health on the issue which has received thousands of submissions from citizens across the country.


Source: Niamh Aine Ryan, Cork Independent, 28/06/2018