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Crack-cocaine use surging in Dublin city centre 05 Jun 2018

Dealers began offering smaller, cheaper bags of the drug from last summer.

The HSE is planning a harm reduction information campaign in response to a significant increase in use of crack-cocaine in Dublin city centre.

Drug service workers on both sides of the Liffey have noticed an increase in availability and use of the drug since last summer.

“Crack-cocaine isn’t new – it would come and go as a drug trend but this is more sustained use,” said Tony Duffin of the Ana Liffey Drug Project.

A smokeable form of cocaine made by chemically altering cocaine powder to form crystals or rocks, crack-cocaine produces a short but intense high with effects much stronger than the powdered version of the drug.

Duffin said the rise in availability of cocaine in the capital had led to an increase in the amount of crack being manufactured.

He explained:

There was something that happened around the summer of last year – a rock of crack would cost around €50. Dealers began to make smaller rocks for €25 so people could buy them for cheaper.

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Support Ana Liffey Drug Project by taking part in the VHI Mini Marathon on Sunday 3rd June 2018 25 Apr 2018

Take part in the annual VHI Women’s Mini Marathon and have fun while raising much needed funds for Ana Liffey.

Ana Liffey is a charity based in Dublin, Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. We are dedicated to working with some of the most vulnerable people in our society, people whose lives have spiralled out of control as a result of abuse, neglect, poverty, relationship breakdowns and other trauma. The people Ana Liffey work with are often homeless, have severe drug and addiction problems and have lost all hope.

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Responding to drug use in Ireland – there is another way… 05 Apr 2018

Tony Duffin on ‘The Hard Shoulder’ with Ivan Yates 4th April 2018

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Ana Liffey is now recruiting a full-time Project Worker role to join our team.

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Making the case for Supervised Injecting Facilities | Tony Duffin | TEDxDublinInstituteofTechnology 31 Jan 2018

Tony Duffin speaks about how he, and his colleagues, lobbied for a change in Irish law to allow for the existence of Supervised Injecting Facilities.

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