Since being established in 1982 in North Inner City Dublin, the Ana Liffey Drug Project (ALDP) has provided a ‘Low Threshold - Harm Reduction’ service to individuals who are experiencing problem substance use and their families.

The Ana Liffey Drug Project was the first ‘low threshold – harm reduction’ type service in Ireland. This model has gone on to be replicated throughout Ireland by many other organisations.

ALDP was originally set up as an alternative to the dominant abstinence based approach of the day. The project created a welcoming space where active drug users could look at their life and their options for positive change in a non-judgmental environment. The project espoused core principles of 'Respect, Welcome, Participation and Rights'. These principles still apply today.

In 1996, ALDP entered into a challenging period of transition that saw the project physically move from the Salvation Army premises in 13 Lower Abbey Street, to 112 Middle Abbey Street and finally to its new home at 48 Middle Abbey St in October 2003. During 2007 Ana Liffey expanded its services in Dublin expanding into 51 Middle Abbey St.

The Ana Liffey developed sectoral support services first under the banner of the Progression Routes Initiative in 2008 and then further with the management of drugs.ie from 2011.

The Ana Liffey began to offer services outside of Dublin with a Needle and Syringe programme in the North East from October 2010. This was quickly followed by the development of a series of regional services around Ireland. These include the provision of an Outreach Service in the Midlands from January 2011, the management of an Open Access Service in Mullingar from October 2011 and the provision of wide range of services in the Mid-West Region from May 2012. The Ana Liffey continues to expand and develop its services nationwide.

The ALDP structure is arranged in to a series of teams led by Team Leaders. These are two Dublin Teams, a Midlands Team and a Mid-West Team which deliver our local services; and an Online and Digital Services Team which deliver our sectoral support and most of our national services. These Teams are supported by an Administrator, a Volunteer Co-ordinator and a senior management team. The Ana Liffey is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by a Council of Management.